Precision Media has established a fully-equipped Media War Room where our
clients’ offline and online communication targets are
planned, designed, executed and monitored. The purpose
of this War Room is to help our clients deliver consistent,
coherent, continuous and complementary messaging to their target audience.


Our passion is ensuring that our clients have the latest information upon which to base their critical strategy decisions. To ensure this, we provide some of the most comprehensive research packages on the market. Our research services are designed for academic institutions, multinationals, governments, nongovernmental agencies, and individuals. We employ cutting-edge tools to design, execute, monitor and evaluate research undertakings.


We specialize in raising funds for public causes. We have established networks with corporate agencies within the East African region, as well as East Africans living in the diaspora. We can mobilize these networks to raise funds for individuals, charities and governmental agencies. We work with our clients to identify their funding needs, explore possible sources of funding, and then design, execute and manage the fundraising activities.

Political Consulting

We are the premium political consulting agency within East African and beyond. Our forte is implementing the latest political communications and persuasion strategy techniques to give our clients a competitive advantage in a specified political arena.

Whatever your ultimate goals, we work with you to create a tailored political strategy to help you win. Among the packages that we provide our clients include:

● Political Party Branding
● Political Candidate Branding
● Campaign Strategy Design and Execution
● Online and Offline Communications Strategy
● Digital Campaign Management and Tracking
● Constituency Mapping and Profiling
● Political Research and Intelligence
● Political Communication Strategy
● Get-Out-the-Voter Strategy
● Last-Mile Campaign Strategy

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients compete and win in an everchanging political environment. We leverage cutting-edge digital, research and marketing techniques to help our clients to stand-out from the crowd and position them in the eyes of the electorate. We establish a Situation Room in order to coordinate our clients’ activities in real-time especially during critical periods of the political life e.g. on Election Day.


Our Services.

Precision Media is a multi-dimensional agency that provides Immersive Communications and Strategic Political consulting
services that reach audiences, change minds and generate wins. We offer resonating content and research for Governments, Organizations, Causes and Campaigns through the following.

Online Services

With the media landscape changing at the speed of light, you need a steady hand to help you stay on top. This is what Precision Media specializes in. For us, the media is an eco-system composed of a multitude of moving parts. No one understands the media within East Africa like we do. We are experts at navigating the online and offline media terrain by deploying cutting-edge tools and strategies. Our robust media strategy embraces elements of both offline and online services to deliver tangible results for our clients

Geo-Location Mobile Advertising.

We are the pioneers of introducing Geo-Location Mobile Advertising (GLMA) in the East African region. Also referred to as Location Based Mobile Advertising, GLMA is a strategy delivering targeted mobile ads to people depending on their location. This ad strategy relies on the capacity of mobile devices to identify their geo-location to distinguish between categories of consumers. Each category can be sent adverts which are relevant due to unique characteristics of their current location.

GLMA works through a simple 3 step process

  1.  You select your location
  2. We deliver your message to all mobile phones within the target area
  3. We provide with data about the reach and impact of your message within 24 hours.


GLMA has a solid track record of supercharging communications for political, public health and marketing. Here is a snapshot of a few countries in which the GLMA has been successfully executed by both private and public entities.

Robust Media Strategy.

The digital communication has disrupted the communication landscape in a manner and at a pace which can never be slowed down. Precision Media with Precision Media its dedicated communication experts will pride itself in helping our clients to understand and harness the everchanging online media environment through the following:

●Digital Campaign Design & Management
●Social Media Monitoring & Management
●Viral Content Creation
●Online Communication Infrastructure Design and Development
●Online Influencer Mapping & Engagement

Offline Services

The rapid proliferation of online communication has created significant disruptions in the architecture of traditional offline communication. Our offline services are designed to create a confluence with online strategies in order to maximize impact and results. These services include:

●Billboard communication strategy & designs
●Media Campaign Design & Execution
●Personal and Organizational Branding
●Public Relations Consulting
●Stakeholder Mapping, Analysis & Engagement
●Press Review & Communications Strategy Design
●Media Landscape Audits

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