Web Analytics

I think we can make the service *Website Design and Management* and include minor services like; website design, Customized web content creation, Website Audit & Web Analytics.
That at PCC, we bring new ideas and experiences to effectively analyze, and explain data into compelling narratives that inspire action .

Strategic Consulting

At Precision Media, we advise on your marketing & brand strategy ensuring that you enjoy a sustainable brand positioning & Messaging strategy that is more persuasive to the buyer/client.
Through our passion to deliver unsurpassed value to our client, we communicate visually through imposing promotional materials like logos, brochures, posters, signage, etc.

Geo Targetted Advertising

We use GPS or RFID technology to create targetted adverts.

Media Relations

At PCC, we have the experience, skills and relationships to provide cutting edge services that ensure we deliver beyond your expectations in turning the audience into loyal clients.
This is possible with our strategic, pro active & professional engagement with print, online, TV, Radio and journalists.

PR & Political Communications

Our PR and Political Communications strategy is developed according to each client’s unique needs. We develop an understanding of the political terrain to ensure that the client’s messages reach the intended stakeholders.
This is done through the following services;
Personal branding, media outreach, and management, development of effective Messages, parliamentary awareness and reputation, campaign strategy development, Constituency research, public speaking training and grassroots engagement.

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