Kidega Moses


The software company is one of the biggest departments of Pesaify enterprises. Initially in 2015, Pesaify enterprises was a company that solely provided IT solutions to other companies. These included digital marketing, brandingnetwork setup, systems administration, office systems security, software development and customizing off the shelf systems for other companies. Later on in 2017, the construction department was launched and the cleaning department early in 2019.

Pesaify enterprises has clients in and out of Africa which makes this department a good portfolio for the company. Innovation is highly encouraged in this company, growth and IT personnel are expected to be results-oriented.

Pesaify currently offers the following ICT services;

 – Software development(websites and mobile apps)

 – Network administration

 – Software security and data recovery

 – Systems administration

 – Office automation

 – Digital marketing

 – Company branding and training of employees

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Software outsourcing done right

Pesaify is not a traditional software outsourcing platform. Our way of working is called Impact Sourcing: the deployment of workers from low-employment areas into the processes of businesses worldwide either through outsourcing or by setting up remote or virtual teams using digital technology.
It aims to provide higher-income employment and access to new income opportunities to workers that otherwise might not be employed in that particular sector. For example, people in rural areas or in slums, people without access to education or educated individuals in areas of high unemployment.
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