Geo-Location Mobile Advertising

Geo-Location Mobile Advertising

We are the pioneers of introducing Geo-Location Mobile Advertising (GLMA) in the East African region. Also referred to as Location Based Mobile Advertising, GLMA is a strategy delivering targeted mobile ads to people depending on their location. This ad strategy relies on the capacity of mobile devices to identify their geo-location to distinguish between categories of consumers. Each category can be sent adverts which are relevant due to unique characteristics of their current location.

GLMA works through a simple 3 step process

  1.  You select your location
  2. We deliver your message to all mobile phones within the target area
  3. We provide with data about the reach and impact of your message within 24 hours.


GLMA has a solid track record of supercharging communications for political, public health and marketing. Here is a snapshot of a few countries in which the GLMA has been successfully executed by both private and public entities.

The GLMA offers include:

● Ad campaign planning and design
● Target location segmentation
● Advert campaign execution
● Ad campaign tracking


We design the best communications strategy by delivering influential messaging and securing the right press coverage with the most impact.

Country Peroid GLMA usage
Australia 2019 Fires Public information
New Zealand 2019 – Present Referendum Voter education
India 2016 General Election Voter education
Mexico 2016 General Election Voter education
UK 2016 Referendum Voter education
Seychelles 2016 General Election Voter education
Liberia 2014 Ebola crisis Public health information dissemination
US 2004 to present Voter education

Our GLMA service is available for government agencies, NGOs, and corporations. The service is especially suited for political actors with an interest in sending targeted communications to people in different localities. This is because GMLA is the cornerstone of political communications in many countries all over the world. Our GLMA service conforms to the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulations as well as federal and local data privacy laws within the United States of America.

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